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Droplets of Life

Walking my dog on a dewy morning, the simplicity of nature’s beauty caught my eye.

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Enjoying a spring evening with friends and a bottle of wine. I was amazed at how the wine glasses reflected their surroundings.

This became the beginning of my fascination with “Wine Inspired” reflective photography.

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Toasting The Moon

Staging the perfect moment, wine glasses reflecting a photo of the moon I took. Romance at its best!

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The sight the sound and the energy created when water explodes upon impact at the base of a waterfall is one of my favorite things.

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Nature’s Flamboyance

The amazing stillness of fall leaves outlined so perfectly atop a restless waterfall, unaware of the journey ahead.

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Taking A Stand

Engulfed in sunlight, the brilliance of this single maple leaf standing alone was so stunning it had to be immortalized.

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Trio In Flight

In asking mother-nature to present me the opportunity to photograph a Dragonfly, she answered with this. Their agility and beauty fascinates me.

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